Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 10 : 16th June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

17 June 2019

It was a true winter’s day yesterday for Auskick, well done to all the kids, and parents, who braved the conditions, hopefully everyone had fun.

A few of the other Dad’s that I spoke to were reminiscing about playing footy in conditions like that, so we nearly called a parent’s vs kids game, maybe next time…

The skills were pretty good, no doubt aided by a bit of shelter here and there in the groups by an umbrella held by a kind parent!!

We’re starting to move onto the more advanced skills now, such as kicking on the run and over the mark, so keep practicing the basics at home wherever you can.

We’re also looking at moving some of the kids within the various groups, generally based on skill level, to even it out a bit more so they are playing with a similar skill level. If you want to have a chat about this please chase me down on Sunday before or after the session or drop me an email. 

We’ve got 2 more weeks before another break for school holidays (can’t believe they’ve come around so quickly), so please keep coming out!!

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