Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 9 : 2nd June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

3 June 2019

Hi Auskickers

Thanks for coming out today, was a great morning again at Blackman Park. Really great to see the numbers still staying up, hopefully that continues when it gets colder…

The kids are really getting the hang of the skills, as evidenced by the number of “I know how to handball” comments I heard during the drills! The practice will certainly help them going forward.

The games are also getting a lot better, we try to rotate them in their positions during the game so they’re not stuck doing the same thing, a lot of sharing and passing to teammates going on in the Cats and Swans teams, a lot of swarms of kids following the ball in the Giants still, we’ll work on that though!

As mentioned, we’ve got next week off for the long weekend, but please keep the ball in the kids hands, take them to the park/backyard to have a kick around, just to keep their skills up. We’ll see you back at Blackman Park on the 16th June.
Go Cats!

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