Match Report Round 7: U10 Selwood vs Forest Lions Sunday 26th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

28 May 2019

We gathered early on a glorious Sunday morning for team photos. The boys scrubbed up really well and the shampoo and combs had them all looking and feeling great.

We had 3 of our regular players out for our game against Forest Lions. Coach Chris had organised a few loan players – Hudson, Lucius and Lachlan.

From the first bounce, the boys were on fire, and we had our best first quarter of the season. Perhaps we should have team photos every week, to get us off to a turbo-charged start.  The midfielders did a great job of winning the ball and getting into the forward zone. The forwards then created loads of space and opportunities which saw us score 5 goals in the first quarter. It seemed that the tight games from the last few weeks helped the boys, by being able to burst through tackles and win loose balls. On the rare occasion the ball came into our defensive zone, our defenders were able to get the ball and clear it, which kept the Lions scoreless at quarter time. Score at quarter time was 5/4/39 to nil.

Someone must have spiked our water, because we came out in the second quarter really flat and slower. The Lions seemed to have picked up their pace, while we slowed down, so there was a lot more contested ball and the quarter was very even. We kicked 2 goals for the quarter, and the Lions kicked one. Score at half time was 7/5/47 to 1/-/6.

The third quarter was also very even, with more closely contested footy from both teams. The Lions had a few really good players who won a lot of ball, but we were fortunate that they struggled to move the ball the length of the ground.  They often kicked clear, and some times to one of their team mates, but to go end-to-end, you really need three or four good possessions in a row. A good reminder to us that teamwork and keeping possession are critical in footy. Score at three-quarter time was 9/6/60 to 1/1/7.

During the break, Coach Chris continued his very calm approach to the players, and reminded them to keep getting to the ball first, look for their team mates and when in defence, mark up.

The last quarter saw our boys find some form again. We kicked 3 goals. Our mids and defence held really firm, repelling a number of attacks, and turned them into counter attacks, holding the Lions scoreless.

The final score was 12/10/82 to 1/2/8.  Our highest score for the season. We had 8 goal kickers including Nick and Jamie kicking 3 goals each.

Cooper had a powerful game, not letting the ball past, and creating many scoring opportunities through his marking, bursting tackles and long kicks. Joe, Zac, Nick, Olly and Luc were always in the thick of the plays.  Playing two quarters in the forwards gave Jamie and Nick loads of opportunities which they did well to capitalise on kicking 6 goals between them.

Coach Chris reminded the boys they needed to wrap up the opposition in tackles. They needed to wrap the opposition up, rather than just grabbing their shirts which lets them still get the ball away. The boys are doing well to get to the opposition players, and by making a small tweak to tackling technique will provide them with better results. Super Coach Paul ‘Schoey’ Schofield watched quite a bit of our game (Schoey is an adviser to the coaches, and offers up pearls of wisdom to help all the Cats teams). Schoey was impressed how the boys played. He offered a couple of fun training tips that would help the boys even further.

The boys again played with a great team spirit and attitude. They went at the ball hard and fair, and represented themselves and the Club really well.

A special thanks to our borrowed players – they all slotted into the team seamlessly, and it was great to watch from the sidelines. They were definitely part of our team all game, and were all big contributors.


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