Match Report Round 7: U12YG Swanson vs North West Lightning U12YG Sunday 26th May 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

27 May 2019

From the 2019 Oxford English Dictionary

Definition: so close

Pronunication: /sssoooo kləʊz/ used emotionally with a sense of melancholy

Origin: Australia 21st Century. Used to describe the Cats Swanson’s team narrow loss to the North West Lightning.


  1. This was the best game our team has played. In the most part we played as a team and was so close to achieving the win. Only having 10 players on the field and having to take 2 of their players made the game really difficult, but our team stepped up and took on the challenge.
  2. Our focus for the next few weeks is using handballs more often to get out of tight situations. This will encourage better team work and allow us to move the ball more efficiently. The team was so close to achieving this goal, and was light years better than last week.
  3. Maia K’s (players’ player) goal in the first quarter will be so close to winning our goal of the year. She had 50m ahead of her so ran hard to avoid the approaching defence. She was going to tap the ball on the ground, but decided to bounce the ball perfectly and fire a kick home!
  4. Lily S and Eliza M were so close to being best on ground with Lily S playing the best game I have seen from her. She led the way with lots of handballs and 2 goals. Eliza M tried her hardest to get the team over the line for the win.
  5. Charlie D was so close to kicking 4 goals. She kicked 3! This would have been her largest haul for a single game. She was everywhere in the forward line and constantly terrorised the opposition’s defence
  6. Grace O and Lexie P were so close to taking a great mark at full stretch. They both continued to find plenty space and tackled hard all over the ground.
  7. Sami Z was so close to giving away a free kick dragging one of their players off the ball. The umpires missed it, but Mum on the sideline didn’t, half yelling out before realising that silence was a virtue at this time. Sami Z showed no signs of her shoulder injury the previous week and gathered plenty of ball.
  8. North West Lightning was so close to scoring more goals if it wasn’t for Elin L in defence building a brick wall for them to climb over. We talk about goals being scored a lot but not very often about goals being saved and these are equally as valuable.


  1. Lizzy Y and Jeanie N were always so close to their opposition player. They didn’t give them an inch of space. Both have improved so much in the past weeks increasing their confidence over the ball.


Onward to next week where we will continue to enjoy our footy, plays as a team, tackle hard and look forward to that elusive win. Go Cats!

Players player: Maia K
Courage Lizzy Y
Spirit Lily S

Charlie 3.0
Maia 1.0
Eliza 0.1
Lexie 0.1
Lily 2.0
Opposition 2.5

North West Lightning 8-6-54 Lane Cove Cats 7-7-49

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