Match Report Round 6: U14YG Swanson vs St Ives U14YG Sunday 19th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

20 May 2019

“I’ve always believed in miracles” was Scott Morrison’s quote when he called to congratulate the Cats on a mighty win over St Ives or so I imagined it!

With St Ives ranked a solid third on the ladder just ahead of the Cats, and with the visitors having beaten us last time 79 – 19 this was always going to prove to be a tougher win than the coalition in Wentworth.

Fortunately, we had a level of support on the side line that even Clive Palmer couldn’t afford – and with some extra players from the lower house (U12 team) the Cats marched onto the field with a full team and one intention, to use their home side advantage to dominate round 6.

The first quarter started at a prolific pace with the ball floating towards both ends of the field and it was clear both sides had turned up to play hard. A few good marks – especially from Charlie D and Jaime created opportunity to get the ball in the opposition’s territory. Once the Cats were deep in competitor land Lily D managed to pop a behind followed by a goal by Charli G who was well warmed up after playing 4 quarters for the u12’s. St Ives followed and at the end of Q1 the game was tied at 1-1-7 each.

Quarter 2 proved tighter and more physical with a few players coming off having their fingers trodden on, skin scraped off through some aggressive tackling and some weariness from extensive running. Two behinds from Grace O and Zerna put the Cats slightly ahead.

At the end of Q 2 scores were Lane Cove 1-3-9 to St Ives 1-2-8.

Quarter 3 wasn’t the Cat’s finest 15 minutes. With St Ives kicking a dubious penalty and ticking the scoreboard over to 15 points  – anyone would have thought they were on their way to victory – a story somewhat reminiscent of the recent opinion polls. There is no doubt that St Ives had some sharp players and strong ball skills, but the hussle of Emma, Lexie W and Amber across the field held them back to one goal and one behind for the quarter. The hill had just become a whole lot steeper. End of Q3 LCC 1-3-9 vs St Ives 2-3-15

‘Effort wins games’ was the call from coach Jemma going into Q4.  Whilst St Ives had style and skill, the Cats had determination and a will to win. The final quarter was dominated by the Cats creating chaos in the visitor’s half. Jaime destroyed the key opposition player and Nat, Tipsy and Armo tackled like demons frustrating the opposition and allowing the rest of the Cats to create space and opportunity. The golden moment came when Avishi was awarded a penalty and through focus and determination punted the ball between the two highest uprights bringing our scores to 15 each. The Cats – not satisfied with a draw dug deep to find the energy to pop two more behinds taking the score to 17-15 with 5 minutes to go. Coaches, managers, water carriers and supporters were all hoping that the game would end to ensure the ultimate victory. Finally, the minutes became seconds and the hooter broke the anxious silence. A second miracle for the weekend. Final score LCC 2- 5- 17 vs St Ives 2- 3 – 15

A huge thanks to the U12’s for your contribution – you made a big impact (Charlie D, Lexie P, Lily S, Grace O) – a wonderful LC Cats spirit. As a result we should climb up the ladder to 3rd – and the top is now in sight.

Players player this week was Avishi – however the entire team earned the hard fought win. Till next time.

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