Match Report Round 6: U12YG Swanson vs St Ives U12YG 19th May 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

20 May 2019

From the ABC News Desk.

Juanita Phillips: “It’s been a busy period in sport. Last night the Swans were brave winners over North Melbourne 77-72. The last 5 minutes being especially frantic with North Melbourne piling on the pressure and the Swans hanging on to their slim lead. It was a well deserved win and puts their season back on track. To today’s game and the Cats played St Ives at Steve Chisholm Oval. The Cats fielded their youngest team this year. With an average age of just under 12 and the team being low on experience, it was bound to be a tough affair. Let’s head over to local reporter Susan Swanson for her report.”

Swanson: “Thanks Juanita, yes expectations were high today. The team had reportedly trained well during the week and with the return of Charli G and Lexie W to the team, after a long lay off with injury, everything was certainly heading in the right direction.”

Juanita: “In addition to that I hear the team looked great today.”

Swanson: “Thats right Juanita, there was a formal photo session just before the game, so as they ran on to the field today, they were all in tip top condition, fingernails cut, hair glowing and all their clothes beautifully white. It wasn’t long before this changed though as it was a rough and tumble first quarter of the game. Grace O and Lily S were fast in the middle of the ground with Lexie W winning most of the tap outs from the centre. Grace O kicked a great first goal, but at quarter time the Cats were down as the taller St Ives team took all the opportunities provided.”

Juanita: “What changes did the coaching staff make to the team after quarter time?”

Swanson: “The defence of Elin L and Jeanie N was strong in the first quarter and Lexie W was leading the hitouts so no changes were made there, but the coach moved the rest around to great effect. Charlie D and Lizzy Y were strong in the middle & Charlie D scored a goal in the third quarter with some brilliant footwork. Lizzy Y was unlucky to miss a goal from in front. She did all the hard work and just couldn’t urge it through the big sticks. Eliza M played from the half-forward line covering lots of ground and ended up with the highest tackle count in the team. Genevieve H, playing her second game of the day, flew under the radar of their defence winning the ball all over the field. Maia K terrorised from the forward line, continually putting pressure on their defence and was unlucky not to score a goal.”

Juanita: “Did the cats reduce the margin?”

Swanson: “No unfortunately not.. During the rest of the game the St Ives team increased the margin with the final score being 9-8-62 to the Cats 3-3-21. Lexie P was the players player, she had an outstanding game, the best this season scoring a goal and showed clean hands all game. A special mention must also be made of Sami Z who played the hardest game seen by the coaching staff. She was thrown and had to come off with a sore shoulder. I am sure the match review officer will have a good look at this one.”

Juanita: “The Cats are now 2 and 4 for the season, do you think they will bounce back?”

Swanson: “It’s only early in the season and the young team has been improving with every game, so from what I saw today, there are plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. The atmosphere at the ground was amazing. At my count there was at least 23000 at the ground to watch the game. This team has a future.”

Juanita: “Thanks Susan, All of the images in this report were from David Davenport now in other news…..”

Players Player: Lexie P

Courage: Sami

Spirit: Jeanie

Charlie D: 1.1

Grace : 1.1

Lexie P: 1.0

Lizzy: 0.1

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