Lane Cove Cats Create a Democraucy Sausage

Written by Jono Ladmore

20 May 2019

They came from far and wide to get a traditional Sausage sandwich from the BBQ at Lane Cove Public School. The popular combination of a gourmet beef sausage, bread roll, onion and tomato sauce flew off the BBQ trays as everyone cast their vote and satisfied hunger pains. Thanks to all who helped out on the day. The club made a nice amount of coin and shared in the community spirit.

Some highlights during the day

  • The lengthy queue for lunch kept everyone busy.
  • The gentleman who pre-polled two weeks earlier, but just came to the polling place for a sausage.
  • Another customer who ordered two bacon and egg rolls only to realise he had to pay for them. He cancelled the order.
  • A customer who had been to Bunnings tried their sausage sandwich and then came to us tried ours… He said ours was better!

Happy voting

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