Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 7 : 19th May 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

20 May 2019

In the rush of photos and running around, I completely forgot to take any photo’s of the action, so apologies for that!

Just a quick couple of points:

– A huge thanks to those who helped out at the Election Day BBQ at Lane Cove Public yesterday, the lines of people from 8:30am through until about 3pm certainly were testament to the popularity and will be a great earner for the club.

– Coffee Van – I had a quick chat to James today, thanks for your support in buying your coffee’s from Tea & James, they are really appreciative, and as mentioned previously, they do feed money back into the club each week, so please keep supporting them wherever possible.

– Photos – thanks for your patience (and your kids patience!) this morning, you can order your photos here.

– Soiree – Only a week and a half left, 31st May upstairs at the Alcott, it’s a great chance to get along, get to know some of the other parents, and give some money back to the club, $45/ticket for a private bar with finger food provided. Book your ticket here.

Go Cats!

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