Election Day BBQ volunteers required

Written by LaneCoveCats

15 May 2019

The Lane Cove Cats have been given the opportunity to run a BBQ for hungry voters on federal election day at the Lane Cove Public School polling centre. This will be a significant fundraising opportunity for the club. This voting centre had nearly 3000 voters turn up at the last federal election. You can only imagine the money both clubs will make if even half of the people buy a sausage.

The polling centre is open from 08:00-18:00. We are looking for 2-3 parents to help out at any point in time.

Please open the LCC TeamApp to view all the timeslots we have scheduled across the day. Or click on the links below to register your availability.

09:00-10:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656695
10:00-11:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656704
11:00-12:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656706
12:00-13:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656708
13:00-14:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656711
14:00-15:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656714
15:00-16:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656718
16:00-17:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656720
17:00-18:00 https://lanecovecats.teamapp.com/events/8656724

Why don’t you coordinate your voting with an hour on the BBQ, and help Lane Cove Cats make some money which will be put just back into the club

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