Match Report Round 1: Lane Cove Cats Parfitt U8 vs Willoughby Wildcats U8 Sunday 12th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

14 May 2019

The sun was shining, it was Mothers Day and we had our first testing hit out against  Willoughby Wildcats.

“THE SHOW DOWN” was a delight to watch.

Our Captain for the day Cooper Ellis set the scene early showing his fine leadership qualities, demanding a super effort from his team. Adam Hood was everywhere, crouching over the ball Gary Ablett like teasing the opposition to come at him just so he could side step around them, Charlie Owens has a mighty kick on him and easily cleared the zones time and again, Levi Von Giese played his heart out no matter what zone he was in and was a solid consistent contributor all day, what a goal it was from Will Bailey from the boundary line…. Banna kick if you don’t mind (the crowd went wild). I just love the determination of Hamish Lovejoy, the expression on his face is priceless when he has the ball and look out if you are in his way , Jesse Drinkwater won plenty of the ball across halfback and drove it long into the next zone, Kevin Qu had plenty of it also but didn’t seem to want to kick it in the first half. So after a little chat from the coach at ½ time Kevin went on to dominate the second half raking up the kicks (this time he wouldn’t handball it – lesson for me “the boys take what you say literally), Big boy 74 Henry Groocoe had a great game, bamboozling the Wildcats with his evasive skills, Henry Creighton repelled many of the oppositions advances and was like a rock, Elliott Tabrett played a sterling game, plenty of energy and excitement all day.

Most of all the boys had fun.

Now game one is out of the way l will slowly start working on the fundamentals of the game. Most of you would of noticed l was using a coaching board, the reason for this is to get our kids used to the teaching tools coaches will use going forward.

This week we are away v Leichhardt Giants at Glover St, Oval at 8.00am.

Jackie will send out any additional information and match day roles.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

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