Match Report Round 5: U14YG McWilliams vs North West Lightning Sunday 12th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

13 May 2019

This week the contest was between the Cats placed 5 th on the ladder vs North West Lightning sitting at number 6. Hence it was sure to be a battle of will, effort and strategy.

Pleasingly we saw the return of Jaime donning some serious headgear suggesting she was here to play hard, as well as the return of Amber McCormack to the Cats to bolster what is a lean but committed team. Starting with just 9 players and borrowing 3 from the North West team, the Cats displayed some aggressive attack and high energy to slot 3 goals and 3 behinds against an unsuspecting team that looked to have a high level of confidence in their warm up sessions. Jaime and Lexie made some early impact into the game with Lily tearing up the defence with a sense of passion equalled only by Buddy Franklin at the SCG (ha ha), leaving the Lightning scoreless. Score at end of Q1 Cats: 3-3-21 to NWL 0-0-0.

The second quarter proved a little tougher and the North West team found a bit of their mojo scoring 1 goal and 3 behinds. The two Charlottes, Armo and Zerna started their midfield domination and whilst the second quarter was a competitive win the visitors were still able to build on the score line with 1 goal to build on the Q1 lead. Score at end of Q2 Cats: 4-3-27 vs NWL 1-3-9.

The NW Lightning camp came out fighting in Q3 and caught the Cats by surprise. Players loaned by the NWL team were admiral in their intent, however somewhat ineffective outside of bolstering the numbers to reach 12 a side. Whilst the home team fired up and scored 2 goals to nil, Nat and Emma were reaching for the high ball and putting their bodies on the line The game was quite physical with Jaime taking a big hit and taking a well deserved short break to confirm no more concussions.

After starting with a convincing scoreboard in Q 1& 2 the gap was reduced to just one point, leaving fourth quarter to be the ultimate decider. Score at end Q3 Cats 4-3-27 vs NWL 3-7-26

“Are you working harder than them?” was the question poised to the team from a fired up coach Jemma. It was the right question at the right time and the Cats ran on to the field with a will to deliver another win. The forwards worked tirelessly, and at times not so poetically to get the ball in front of the posts. A beautiful clearance across the ground from Amber put Charli G and Lexie into a dominant position, when the visitors were given a free kick in front of the posts. Amber was given the chance to kick but she unselfishly passed the ball Zerna – who with pinpoint accuracy divided the two middle posts for a 6 pointer. We had widened the gap finally ! Shortly after, following some scrambling defence from the home side Charli G managed to pick the ball from the ground to turn and punt the ball for another 6 pointer – game set and match ! Final Score LCC 6-3-39 vs NWL 3-9-27 Players player – Jaime

Overall it was a hard fought game with some highs and lows. The ultimate winners however were the Mums of Lane Cove – who managed to survive the highs and lows and the ebbs and flows whilst sipping champagne on the sideline – voicing their well deserved opinions….. after all it was Mother’s Day.

A win is a win – well done Cats. Till next week.

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