Match Report Round 4: Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Pittwater Tigers Sunday 5th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

8 May 2019

We gathered early Sunday morning at Steve Chisholm Oval, with a strong, fresh wind blowing down the ground.  Pittwater Tigers had not lost a game, coming into this morning’s game, and they were very confident after they beat Mosman last weekend.
Pittwater came out of the starting blocks really quickly, and scored the first goal of the match, kicking with the wind.  Their forwards seemed to be able to create extra space for the first 5 minutes.  From there, it was closely contested, with both sides tackling well, and not giving the other side much space.
We watched a great game of footy today. The final result came down to whoever kicked the last goal was going to win the game. In the end, the boys produced some great teamwork, kicked the last goal and ended up winning by 10 points.

Our boys were challenged more than they have been so far this season, they responded really well, and they all kept trying. It was really hard to split the votes today – all the boys contributed well, with Daniel, Zac, Jamie and Lucius kicking goals, and others such as Harry and Tom having shots that just missed the big sticks in the wind. Lucius, Olly, Daniel, Harry and Zac just seemed to be ball magnets – perhaps it was the amount of running they kept doing on the field, in chasing the ball and creating spaces. Tom, Luc, Cooper, Xavier, Jamie, Joe and Jett were also heavily involved in the plays, and laid on a number of really good tackles, chased players, and shut down a huge number of opportunities for Pittwater.

The boys are learning, that footy, just like life, isn’t always fair…but you just need to play the whistle, and keep trying your hardest.
A big reminder Coach Chris had for the boys, is to keep their feet. It made it difficult for them today, when the Tigers often fell down, or dived on the ball. However, when our boys kept their feet, it made it easier to win the ball. Coach Chris also reminded the boys to keep moving when they scoop the ball off the ground, rather than just pick the ball up and stand still. These tips paid dividends today, and really enabled them to move the ball forward, through traffic.

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