Match Report Round 4: U14YG McWilliams vs Willoughby Wildcats Sunday 5th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

6 May 2019

With a notable few absentees the Cats were fortunate to have Lexie Prentice and Charlie Davenport from the U12’s join the team as well as borrowing two players from the Wild Cats each quarter to ensure we played 12 a side.

Starting the game with one player down for the first 5 mins, Q1 was a quarter that could well be forgotten. Lacking structure, energy and a sense of direction the Cats were lucky to end the quarter with one goal vs 2 behinds from the Wild Cats. After some pointed feedback and encouragement from coach Gemma during the 1 st break, we started to see some spark from a few players by the likes of Charlie D and Lily as well as some sharp defence and clearing from Armo in the back. The Cats built slowly and steadily on their score with another goal from Lily and two behinds – while holding the competition back to just one behind. Half time score LCC 2-2-14 to WWC 0-3-3.

Half time was clearly the turning point with the coach and the oranges injecting some well needed energy and strategy. With a never give up attitude, Avishi and Emma fought gallantly in the forwards against a tyranny of committed Wild Cats to score another well-deserved goal. Meanwhile in the mid and the backs Zerna, the Lexie’s and Charli G stuck to their positions and opposition to foil any attempt from the competition to gain territory onto Lane Cove Cat’s end of the park. Another goal and 3 behinds took the Q3 result to LCC 3-5- 23 to WCC 0-3-3.

Quarter 4 was where it all came together. The Cats attacked aggressively and put their bodies on the line. Armo was tackling everything in sight Charlie D revelled in the midfield – playing havoc with the competition. Nat was using her height to win as many contests as possible and the Cats were on a roll with 3 more goals and 5 behinds – clearly unstoppable at this stage and with an insatiable sense of energy feeding off one another. Thanks to the Wild Cats player who contributed a 6 pointer for the Cats as well – they played in good spirits against their team mates.

A great demonstration of how the Cats can turn the game around, find that inner spark and feed off each other’s individual skills.

Final score Lane Cove Cats 6-10-46 Willoughby Wild Cats 0-3-3. Looking forward to the next chapter on May 12 – a very special day for mums.

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