Match Report Round 4: U12YG Swanson vs Forest Lions Yellow Sunday 5th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

6 May 2019

“A champion team will always beat a team of champions”- John McGrath

The ground was damp from the latest shower, but the sun started to poke through the clouds as the team ran out onto the ground in our round 4 clash with Forest Lions Yellow. This was always going to be a hard game for us looking back at the results so far this year, but we didn’t expect to get three goals kicked against us in the first 4 minutes of play. Simply put, they had a gun player, let’s call her double dozen (number 24) who towelled us up and we had nothing to give. No-one would blame our defence but they did have sore necks from watching the ball sail over their heads and through the big sticks.

We tried tagging double dozen in the second quarter and none of the match ups helped. Experience was not on our side. We were well behind at half time, but we could feel the winds changing. During the half time break we all hydrated and sucked on a beautifully cut piece of orange. The decision was to reset the game and start again at 0-0. I could feel a renewed energy amongst the group and as we all yelled “Cats”, (insert Lizzy Y’s loud “meow” at this point), the girls re-entered the game bouncing onto the field.

In the third quarter the girls come out firing, we built a wall across half back and kept the ball away from double dozen. Charlie D was amazing, marking the ball and booting it back into our forward line. With quick goals to Eliza M and two goals to Lexie P, the whole team had transformed and had a new sense of confidence. It was 18-0. Sami Z (Players Player) had her best game of the season so far with what seemed like a thousand touches on the ball. Lizzy Y and Lily S tackled hard all day against bigger opponents, fighting hard for the ball all game. Grace O continued with the Captain Marvel impersonations flying from one contest to the next whilst Elin L continues to be the Aliir Aliir of the U12YG Swanson team in defence. Maia K and Jeannie N tried hard in close and Genevieve H was again brilliant in attack.

As parents on the side line watching this game we rode every bump, tackle, pass and kick. I was told to get off the field twice today and my face showed plenty of emotion willing the girls on. I feel we are all learning so much, enjoying playing and enjoying watching… But the comment that I will remember from one of the girls at the end of the game was that we were beaten by double dozen today and that WE worked better as a team. So True. “meow”. Well done to all.

Players Player (captain next week) was Sami Z

Spirit Award was Maia K

Courage Award Elin L


Eliza M

2 x Lexie P

Score : Forest Lions 12-9-81 – Cats 3-0-18

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