The Week Ahead 1st May – 8th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

1 May 2019

1st May 5pm Youth Girls training @ Blackman synthetic.

2nd May 5pm Youth Boys training @ Blackman B3/B43

5th May:

Blackman Park (B1 Synthetic)

09:15 Lane Cove Cats U9 Blicavs vs Lane Cove Cats Cockatoo U9

Blackman Park (Steve Chisholm Oval)

09:15 Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Pittwater Tigers Rioli U10

09:15 Lane Cove Hawkins U10 vs Manly Mustangs U10

11:30 Lane Cove Cats U14YG McWilliams v Willoughby Wildcats U14YG-2

12:55 North Ryde/ Lane Cove U13 Red v Pennant Hills Demons U13-2

10:15 Lane Cove/North Ryde U11 Menegola vs Mosman Swans White U11-2

ELS Hall

09:10 North Ryde Dockers U12-2 vs Lane Cove Cats U12 Duncan @ Els Hall 1

12:15 Lane Cove/North Ryde U11 Fyfe vs Westbrook Bulldogs U11-2 @ Els Hall 3


09:30 Forest Lions Maroon U9 vs Lane Cove Cats U9 Menzel @ Lionel Watts Reserve

10:45 Willoughby Wildcats U10YG v Lane Cove Cats Dal Pos U10YG @ Gore Hill Oval

12:45 Glebe Newtown U14-2 vs North Ryde / Lane Cove U14 @ Jubilee Oval

14:45 Forest Lions Yellow U12 vs Lane Cove Cats U12YG Swanson @ Lionel Watts Resrve

Coming Up

Saturday 31st May Lane Cove Cats Soiree @ The Alcott Tickets are $45 and can be purchased here. Everyone is Welcome.

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