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Written by LaneCoveCats

1 May 2019

Looking for volunteers to run BBQ during upcoming AFL Gala Days

We are a volunteer based club and always looking for ways to make money so we can purchase more equipment for the kids and improve the facilities at the club.

One great source is the BBQ/canteen. And we’ve been offered the opportunity to run one at two upcoming gala days being held at Blackman Park.

On 8 and 22 May, over 300 high school students will descend on our home ground for a knock out competition. The gala days will run from around 9:00am to 2:30pm.

If there are any parents who are free these days and are keen to help out, this would be a huge benefit to the club. On days like these in the past, we have made several thousand dollars. You can only imagine who many new balls, jerseys or tackle bags this could buy.

Please contact Daniel Hynes if you are keen or would like more information.

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