Match Report Round 3: U14YG McWilliams vs Balgowlah Suns Sunday 28th April

Written by Jono Ladmore

29 April 2019

On a glorious summer’s afternoon in late April, the U14Gs faced an important third game after a winless start to the season against the Balgowlah Suns.  So important was this game, that Armo came home early from her holidays to play.  The teams were pretty well matched, with the ball being kept in tight and little room for expansionist play.  Jaimie was particularly outstanding in the first quarter, hard at the ball and popping up everywhere – a clear leader on the possession count and distance covered.  A goal apiece at quarter time was a fair indication of the tightness of the game.

At quarter time, Coach Jemma encouraged the girls to be more vocal and in the middle quarters the Cats midfield started to gain good possessions and continually pushed the ball forward.  Despite Jaime’s best on ground effort being curtailed by a head knock in the second quarter, quick handballs from the stoppages created space and Lily made great use of it by peeling away and shooting the ball forward.  By three quarter time, a well earned two goal lead had been established and an early goal to Emma in the final quarter looked to be moving the Cats to a comfortable win.  However the Suns fought back as the Cats wilted and two quick goals to the Suns meant the final siren was welcomed by the Cats crowd.  Sure to be a focus at training this week is getting position over the ball and securing possession, rather than securing the opposition player.

Final scores –Lane Cove Cats 4-7-31 d Balgowlah Suns 3-4-22.  Goal Scorers – Whowell, Maiolo, Dorahy and Byrne.   Player’s Player – Halloran.

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