Match Report Round 3: U12YG vs Willoughby Wildcats Sunday 28th April

Written by Jono Ladmore

29 April 2019

It was a magical day at Blackman Park for our Round 3 clash with the Wildcats. Lexie P was back in action for her first game of the year and after a great start to the season everyone was bouncing through warm ups, keen to start the game. We also welcomed back Genevieve H (from U10s) helping out the team with numbers again!

This weeks captain Grace O, proudly led the team onto the park and into the start of the game.

The first quarter started so well and even though Willoughby scored the first goal, I felt we had superior team work, clearing congestion and stringing a series of hand passes together. Willoughby did catch us out a few times in defence, both in the midfield and at the back and this led to their first goal. Our forward line of Maia K, Sami Z, Jeannie N, and Lexie P worked well together, sharing the ball around and applying pressure on their ball carrier. Sami Z narrowly missed a couple of goals, but you had the feeling if we continued the goals would come.

And they did, in the second and third quarters we piled on 3 goals Charlie D grabbing two and Elin L one. BUT it was our midfield that continued to trap the ball and bring it straight back into our forward line. Lily S was dynamic, Eliza M (todays players player) was all class and almost untouchable. Lizzy Y was playing years above her age, tackling anything that was within 1 metre of her and Grace O was truly amazing, playing injured for much of the second half. A special mention here goes to Genevieve H for playing the first three quarters in defence and played so well she received votes in the players player at the end of the game. At three quarter time we led 3-4-22 to 2-0-12 and looking back I wish we could have stopped the game there.

As a coach I learnt a lot in the last quarter and as I am writing this would do a lot of things differently, but at the same time I am so proud of how the team played. Each week everyone is improving individually but also as a team I would like to think we are having a lot of fun and enjoying the spirit of the game. Grace O scored a great goal in the last quarter, but we still went down 4-4-28 to 5-1-31.

We sang the song with gusto, loud and in tune, but I could feel a tinge of disappointment amongst the group. Next week is a new game, and if we keep playing like we did today, success is assured.

Players player and captain next week – Eliza M

Courage Award – Genevieve H

Spirit Award – Lizzy Y


Charlie 2.1

Elin 1.0

Grace 1.0

Lexi 0.1

Sami 0.2

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