A view on a volunteer – Pip Boss Auskick Co-ordinator

Written by Jono Ladmore

24 April 2019

Thanks for all the great feedback, so far. We are privileged this week to be chatting to Pip Boss from the Auskick group. Have fun learning about another one of our great volunteers.

What is your connection and role at the club?

I am connected to the Lane Cove Cats through my daughter playing AFL and assist the kids to have FUN whilst participating and enjoying the atmosphere that is created from the grassroots of our local club and community playing fields. This role is called a coordinator.

How long have you been involved?

Since the start of the 2019 season

Best thing about volunteering

The organisation of the club is outstanding it doesn’t actually feel like you are volunteering. I have fun with the local community kids it’s great.

Most memorable moment

Every weekend is a memorable moment watching the kids learn and advance their skills as there smiles grow even bigger on their faces as they realise they are self-mastering their skills in the game. These memorable moments extend far beyond the game to give the kids numerous multidimensional benefits and lifelong skills which they can transfer to a variety of aspects of their lives.

Favourite football team

Sydney Swans

Interesting fun fact not many people know

Bobby McDonald, an Aboriginal sprinter was the first athlete to use the crouch start in sprinting in the 1880s. He got the idea of the crouch start from watching the kangaroo and for years the crouch start was known as the ‘kangaroo start.’

Favourite subject at school?

PDHPE and PASS backed up with food technology to fuel and reenergise my body was always a fantastic day.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)

PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Studies)

Advice for anyone thinking about getting more involved with the club?

Many thanks to the club coordinators that make volunteering easy, thank you for building such a solid foundation for the local club. I have not seen such a well-run club for any sport in many years. The club makes volunteering easy and the session plans are faultless, easy to understand and written in plain language so you can’t go wrong…it’s KISC (Keep It Simple Cats).

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