Match Report Round 2: U12YG vs Pittwater Tigers Sunday 14th April

Written by Jono Ladmore

15 April 2019

I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down…

Chumbawamba from Tubthumper 1997

It was a physical game against the Pittwater Tigers today, not the least we had 9 girls covering a large oval so there was plenty of running from end to end. They may have been a larger side, but we were first to the ball and faster to find a team mate close by. There was some pushing and shoving during game, but I was proud of how we played the ball with great effect. The score today reflected the way we played as a team, looking for a player in a better position when we had the ball and applying pressure on the ball carrier when we didn’t.

Lily S, todays captain, chose to run with the wind in the first quarter. Their midfield started well moving the ball well into our defensive line, but like last week, Charlie D, Elin L and Lizzy Y, repelled every attack sending the ball back down field. Our forward line of Jeanie N, Maia K, and Grace O, worked well to keep the ball in our 50m arc, with Grace being rewarded with the teams first Goal.

In the second quarter running into the wind, we kept a similar structure with a goal to Lily S and no goals to Pittwater we went into the half time break tired and weary but happy with our efforts to this point. The oranges were well appreciated and needed.

In the second half we mixed the positions up moving Charlie D and Elin L forward, both had shots on goal Charlie D scoring one and Elin L preferring to kick towards the soccer goal adjacent to the posts. Grace O was tenacious in the middle of the ground and Lizzy Y had showed no signs of the knock to the head, tackling her much bigger opponents. Jeanie N provided great support to her team, shepherding an opponent to allow a kick down field. Sami Z tried hard all day, scored a goal in the last quarter and was a threat throughout the game. Eliza M was all class in the middle, kicking strongly and always finding a team mate down field. Lily S ran all game and as captain set a fine example for everyone to follow, and lastly Maia, nearly kicked a second goal for the year, and I am sure the Pittwater team won’t forget our number 10, for a long time.

Score Lane Cove Cats 4-9-33 vs Pittwater Tigers 1-1-7

Players player – Grace O and captain next game

Spirit Award – Eliza M

Courage Award – Charlie D

Happy Easter everyone enjoy your break. I will be at training on Wednesday 17th for a low key goal kicking practice session that might involve easter eggs 🙂 No training the week after.

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