Sydney Swans visit Lane Cove Cats @ Blackman Park

Written by Jono Ladmore

2 April 2019

About 20 kids and a similar amount of parents arrived at Blackman Park on Monday evening, with Harry Cunningham and Toby Pink from the Swans joining us.

Answering questions like where will the Swans finish on the ladder this year (in the final), to will the Swans win the premiership (of course), and others around their daily training and recovery activities and how they’re preparing for this week’s trip down to Melbourne to play Carlton on Saturday.

They then took some drills, the Lane Cove kids impressing with their skills, as demonstrated by kicking the footy’s “by accident” onto the roof of the change rooms…

A few photos, signing of footy’s, hats and shirts (even the Richmond and Hawthorn shirts) was then followed by a bit more kick to kick, including checkside/banana kick lessons and some intense listening by the kids. A good time was had by all, Harry and Toby were both great with the kids and parents.

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