A view on a volunteer – Ivan Bate U10YG Coach

Written by Jono Ladmore

2 April 2019

The next instalment in profiling some of our wonderful volunteers at the club. If you have a suggestion please forward these onto news@lanecovecats.com.

This week we meet Ivan Bate, who I first met this year in my involvement with the girls AFL sides. I sat down with Ivan and quickly asked a few questions so we could all get to know him and his family better

What is your connection and role at the club?

My daughter Isabel started at Auskick about 4 years ago and my son Eaden in his second season. At the end of the first Auskick session last year Peter Beck announced a Girls Under 10 team and asked if there were any girls from Auskick who wanted to try playing in the Under 10s Girls team. Standing at the back of the crowd enjoying a not so well earned sausage sandwich I saw my daughters hand shoot up.  I knew at that moment my lazy Sundays had come to an end. Isabel has now moved on from Auskick into the Under 10 girls team and my son looks forward to Auskick every Sunday.

From Left to Right it is Isabel, Amanda, Ivan and Eaden.

How long have you been involved?

I helped with Auskick informally last year and this year offered to help Peter as an Auskick Coordinator. This allows me to see my son run around and help at the same time. This year I offered to assist Daniel coach the Under 10 Girls team where my daughter Isabel plays. Daniel did such a good job coaching the girls team last year, I watched him stand in the rain, turn up to training and really encourage a great little team of under 10 girls enjoy the game and the team environment. I am not generally involved in many charitable causes but I thought if there is one that I could get involved in it would be kids football.

Best thing about volunteering

A sense of adding something to the community in an area that I am interested in and feel I have something to offer.

Most memorable moment

Eating hot steamed dim sims with a bucket load of soy sauce watching the under 10 Girls play in the rain last year. It reminded me of a winter day playing football in the Yarra Valley in Victoria as a kid. That day last year I remember watching from the warmth of my car tucking into a hot dim sim as Daniel stood in the wind and rain coaching my daughters team. It was then that I thought I would help this year in some capacity.

Favourite football team

Carlton (really and things were going so well)

Interesting fun fact not many people know

Every March I make a yearly batch of Italian Passata sauce for the coming winter, I cure my home grown olives, I make my own salami and brew my own craft beer. I consume all that on pizzas I make in my home wood fired pizza oven.

Favourite subject at school!

I always liked science and geography. I am qualified in Environmental Science and Geology but I work in Technology.

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