Honouring Steve Chisholm

Written by LaneCoveCats

26 March 2019

As many would have seen, the Lane Cove council have re-developed the B3/4 fields into a full sized AFL field. The field is now a 160m long, in a east-west alignment. This is longer than the SCG (152m) but same length as the MCG. It also has had the surface regraded, new turf laid, and irrigation and drainage installed.

Its come a long way since the early days of the club, when it was just a mud pit with rocks and pot holes everywhere.

We are now working with the council and the various government departments to have this oval upgraded even further by having additional lighting installed (to the same standard as on the synthetic fields). The council has also said it will be upgrading the toilet & change room facilities near the new playgrounds at the bottom of this oval.

With this in mind, the club thought it would be a good opportunity to honour some of the people who started this club by renaming the oval.

Our history at Blackman Park is relatively short but important. Steve Chisholm, a life members of the club, spent countless hours down on B4 and other Lane Cove fields running the St Michael’s Auskick program. Steve was the driving force behind the creation of the Lane Cove Cats. With the help of Nick Brumley, they turned the AFL program at St Michael’s into the club that we know today.

Going forward, we are going to refer to the B3/4 field as the Steve Chisholm Oval.

Due to regulatory issues (in particular with emergency services), the official name will remain Blackman Park B3 and B4. However, we are working with council to have some part of facility officially named after him. We will keep everyone in the loop once this has been worked through.

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