Footy@Home : Practice Drills : Feeling the Ball

Written by Jono Ladmore

26 March 2019

The first set of drills this year are really simple and just require the appropriately sized football. Before each session feel your ball and make sure it has enough air inside. If you don’t have your own footy thats ok, any ball is better than none at all.

  • Start by throwing the ball into the air at different heights and catching it. We want to get our hands on the ball and get used to the feeling.
  • Next, try bouncing the ball on the ground and regathering. Sometimes it will come straight back at you and others you will need to fetch off the ground. Get low, bending your knees, hands on the grass (fingernails dirty) to pick the ball up.
  • Use a wall or a hard object (steps) to bounce the ball off. Throw the ball at the wall or object and regather the ball. You can try this facing at the wall and facing away to have the ball running to you and away from you.

A few minutes of each of these every session will develop strong reflexes and a great feeling of having the ball in your hands.

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