A view on a volunteer – Peter Beck Auskick Co-ordinator

Written by Jono Ladmore

19 March 2019

We will try and profile one of our amazing volunteers each week to give everyone an insight to what they do, what makes them tick, and the personal benefits from helping out where possible.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any club and thats no different at the Cats. We are always looking for new people to help out when there is always something that needs to be done. If this rings true with you, then please contact Jane Zahra janezahra1@gmail.com.

So Peter thanks for taking the time today. I know you are busy and have been away out of the country, I do find it interesting that you are back home the week the footy starts again 🙂

What is your connection and role at the club?

My connection with the Club is through my son Owen who started Auskick at 3.5 years old and then my daughter Samantha joined the following year.  In the first year at the Club I stayed on the sidelines and helped casually with the drills before becoming a Coordinator in my second year and then running the Auskick Program in my third year.

How long have you been involved?

This year will be my 5th year at the Cats

Best thing about volunteering.

The enjoyment of seeing the children having fun and develop, plus giving something back in the community.

Most memorable moment.

Tough one.  The PC thing to say is my wedding and the birth of my children but I’ve just got back from a trip to the States (with the family) and we went to see my NBA team Philadelphia 76ers play and we had amazing seats and got the win.  I think I’ll stick with the wedding and birth of the kids…

Favourite football team.

St Kilda – 2020 Premiers.

Interesting fun fact not many people know.

I really dislike bananas – the smell of them makes me feel sick!

Favourite subject at school!

I was always fast to get to anything Maths related (as well as sport) and very slow to get to most other subjects.

Advice for anyone thinking about getting more involved with the club

Don’t worry about your skill level, its more about your attitude.  At this age whilst we try to give the children the fundamentals of the game it is more about the basics like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, teamwork, socialisation and most importantly having fun so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played the sport before.  If you’ve got energy and don’t have much of a chance to give back to the community during the week like me then this is a rewarding way of giving a little.

Thanks Peter.

If you want to nominate someone for upcoming weeks please send us an e-mail news@lanecovecats.com

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