A focus on Joint Ventures @ Lane Cove Cats – Episode IV A New Hope

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 March 2019

Joint Ventures (JV’s) are relatively new at the Lane Cove Cats and because of this, information on how and why they operate could also be easily misunderstood. In this series we will walk a few steps with the U13 Boys who have embarked on a new journey in a JV with the North Ryde Dockers. Hopefully their experience will help us all better understand what a great opportunity this is for the club.

North Ryde Dockers/Lane Cove Cats U13s JV

This is not the first year that players from the Cats have been involved in a JV. Last year was the first successful foray and in the future we will grab feedback from those boys on how it all went. But for now we will focus on this year’s U13s.

Last week was the first training session and 3 of the boys and one excited parent (Matt Cunneen) ventured over to ELS Hall oval to introduce themselves to their North Ryde counterparts. I interviewed Matt afterwards to get some initial feedback.

I can’t imagine how nervous everyone must be when you start a JV team at the beginning of the year. How did you go at the first training?

“The boys (and I) were made welcome from the 1st minute.  Their coaches Naushad and Dave are good blokes, with footy backgrounds and seem to have a great connection with the boys.”

What sort of activities did you do for the 60-90 minutes?

“The first joint task was to introduce everyone and the last task at night (after a lot of fitness as well as drills) was to check in to see that our boys knew everyone’s names.   Combined, they did.”

What’s going to be your involvement?

“They invited me to assist with the coaching.  I will let things settle in and see how things pan out.”

Now that the first session is done with, what are your thoughts?

“My early view is that this is going to work really well.   Numbers-wise, they need us and it would be great if we could sneak one or two more.   We have 5 and they have 12.   A squad of 20 would be perfect.”

This last point here is the initial key reason why clubs form Joint Ventures. Essentially two clubs with small numbers in the same age group get together to field a team. All the kids get a run, and without this pathway we will lose kids to other sports or playing no sport at all. Participation is why we exist.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” – Yoda

As you can imagine though the Joint Venture becomes a strategic partnership, the two clubs connected at all levels from the executive committees to other joint venture teams and then to every parent and kid playing at both clubs. Joint Venture teams can then be formed when needed and when it’s not needed the individual club fields their own teams. Inclusion and respect is paramount.

I will make sure the team take some photos and for the next episode we will focus on what happens inside each Joint Venture team and how each club’s identity is represented.

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