Position vacant: Coaching Coordinator

Written by LaneCoveCats

11 March 2019

With some key personal stepping aside recently, we are on the lookout for people to fill some important but rewarding positions.

Of most importance is the coaching coordinator role.

The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for the management of the club’s coaching program and promoting the value of coaching within the club.

We will have several junior coaches to assist during the season. They will be assigned to a particular training group (ie U9 or U10) and will be able to set up the weekly session and help the head team coach will drills.

Other duties would include:

  • Ensure there are enough coaches for the club’s requirements
  • Be available for gradings and to assist at games & training if necessary
  • Foster a positive club spirit amongst all coaches and encourage them to participate in a sporting manner
  • Encourage maximum participation from the club’s coaches.
  • Continually seek out potential coaches and recruit whenever possible.

This role would suit someone who can’t commit to a regular team coaching role on the weekend.

If you would like to know more, please contact our president, Daniel Hynes.

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