Match Report Round 14 – U10 Ablett Sunday 5th August

Written by Jono Ladmore

8 August 2018

On a glorious Sunday morning, we gathered at Allan Border Oval, the fortress for the Mosman Swans, for our last game of the regular season. The field was more like the lunar surface than a footy field, especially the cricket pitch area that was rock hard.  

Coach Mark had just returned from his 5 week European trip and was really keen to apply all the latest European coaching tips and techniques he had learnt.

One of the messages Coach Mark and Coach Sten had been regularly giving to the boys was keeping them focussed on getting off to a quick start – some of our earlier games have seen the opposition get the jump on us, and usually lead at quarter time. But not today. Eddy was a ball magnet straight away, and kicked two goals in the first term.

Mosman kept at our boys all game, including some fair and physical tackles and marking. Our boys responded as they have all season – they kept at the footy, kept up their intensity (mostly) and supported their team mates. During the season the boys have always played the whistle, even when they didn’t understand some of the decisions. They just get up, mark up and try and win the ball at the next contest. I have been really impressed with the way the boys have behaved on the field. They should be proud of how they have conducted themselves.

Once again, Alex and Noah showed their ability to get in amongst a group of 8 boys and somehow bust through them all, with 2 or 3 opposition players hanging onto them, to then kick the ball forward.  Alex ended up with one goal from one of his inspiring efforts and Noah had the longest kick of the day, that went through the goals – unfortunately it didn’t count as he wasn’t a forward at the time(but good practice for next year, when it will count!). Kiran and Jeremy regularly used their pace to dodge and weave, to create space for themselves, as they have all year (although because of the smaller field and having less space to run, Mosman were able to shut them down before Kiran and Jeremy broke into their customary lightning sprints and shots at goal).

Rhett, Jack, Ryan, Dilan, Bryce and Tom all did a number of fantastic tackles and were often in the middle of the rucks that formed. They definitely slowed Mosman down and stopped them having a number of shots at goal, as well as winning the ball back from Mosman. Great tackles from Jack, Ryan and Tom saw them all take shots at goal from free kicks – Tom and Ryan ended up kicking goals from their kicks. Jack, with his parents and younger brothers supporting him, ended up doing the biggest kick he has done all season, from a long way out. Somehow, one of the Mosman players touched the ball just on the line. But it truly deserved a goal for Jack.

Liam was always in the middle of the rucks as well as running down the opposition when they had the ball and tackling them, including all of the bigger players. He was tenacious, showing he wasn’t intimidated by the opposition.

Eddy kept up his intensity all game, and was rewarded with four goals and a few assists.  There were a couple of times when he was playing in the midfield where Eddy burst through a pack, found himself in space, and his first instinct was to find a team mate to kick to, rather than have a shot at goal. Great stuff indeed!

At ¾ time, Bryce came off and told Coach Mark what he had observed that quarter. Coach Mark was so impressed by Bryce’s insights that he asked Bryce to share this with his team mates. Bryce told them all that they had taken their foot off the accelerator, and Mosman kicked a couple of goals. Then when the boys put their foot back on the accelerator, they kicked a few goals and got the lead back. The look on Coach Mark’s face was priceless – just like the re-runs of the 1970’s David Carradine Kung Fu shows when the Master helps the apprentice, the young Grasshopper, gain insights and understanding, until the apprentice eventually became the Master.

It was great to see a game where all of the boys were involved, really looked to help each other and to support each other and had fun. Yes, we did miss Nick and Jude playing, and we didn’t have any reserves. But to the boys credit, they took the game by the scruff of the neck and revelled in it.

It was a fantastic preparation for the Gala Day, where the boys will finish the year off really well, having developed their footy skills and teamwork while having a load of fun with each other.


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