Match Report Round 8 – U9 Hawkins Sunday 3rd June

Written by Jono Ladmore

6 June 2018

U9s Hawkins travelled to a freezing, windy and drizzly Els Hall to play Willoughby Wildcats Green, hoping to improve from last week’s disappointing game. While the Wildcats kicked the first goal of the match, Hawkins quickly responded with the next four for the first quarter. Team Hawkins played one of their better games of the season so far, and as the boys rotated through the zones, the goals were shared around with seven individual goal-kickers, and the dominance continued for the rest of the match.

Two things we spoke about during the week were bringing a positive attitude to the game, and supporting our teammates. It was very pleasing to see the boys’ response to this, with vastly improved teamwork, good communication and encouragement, and attention to the game throughout. Teamwork and communication were particularly good at the ball-ups, as the boys learnt to take advantage of their height. Tackling was ferocious, and support around the contest was also good, and a lot of Team Hawkins goals started as a good tackle. There were some incredible displays of sportsmanship in ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to kick a goal and positive and encouraging feedback to fellow team members whether it was a good mark or missed tackle.

It was our hardness at the ball in the difficult conditions, the good tackling, our height advantage, teamwork and communication that won the day. All Team Hawkins played well, but notable were Hudson for his sportsmanship, the O’Dowd twins once again for their great tackling pressure and second, third and fourth efforts, and Jude for his first bag of five goals. The Best Defensive Play award went to Joshua Hodgkiss, who also kicked the final goal under enormous pressure, and the Best Team Player award went to Henry Lowry, who didn’t stop diving in at the contests, and stood under a couple of big high balls, marking strongly.

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