Match Report Round 8 – U12YG Swanson Sun 3rd June

Written by Jono Ladmore

4 June 2018

It was Confirmation day for many of our players, and so we had 10 girls away, and started with 11 players and no subs.
The opposition was the newly combined Willoughby Green and Gold team, which had 16 players, and lent us a player so we had 12 on each side.
The team was very positive and up for the challenge.  We shuffled the players around throughout the zones each quarter depending on the where the pressure was being applied and to try and keep an edge on the opposition.
I was very impressed that I did not hear any complaints at all about the positions the girls were asked to play, and everyone was polite and respectful. Respect is a strong theme emphasised in the club.
It is important to note that the really good players are versatile and can play well in any zone.
As we had played this team before, we knew the players to watch.  Most of the time we kept their key players contained, but when we lapsed they took the advantage.
Our kicking and marking was strong this week, particularly noted were Charlotte Z, Charlotte A, Charli and Emma who were asked to play in the defensive zone for most of the game. These are players we can trust in these roles.
Was also very impressed the many times where we appeared to be tackled, but were able to turn and escape the tackle, and pass or kick the ball to our team. This is a great improvement on how we used to play, and keep the ball flowing.
Lexie W, Annabelle, Lily S, Grace and Elin were all key players who successfully evaded tackles throughout the game.
I like the confidence of players like Zara and Lily S who chase down the ball consistently, and are not intimated to tackle other players even if they are much taller.
Lexie P was the standout today, with 2 goals, and some great evasive running. Well done and a deserving player’s player choice by the team.
Thank you also to the opposition for lending us their players, and particularly Sally who scored 2 goals for us in the final quarter.
We played all quarters well and only lost by 1 goal overall.

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