Match Report Round 7 – U10YG Dal Pos Sun 20th May

Written by LaneCoveCats

28 May 2018

Dal Pos encoutered a tough and well drilled team from St Ives on another warm autumn day at Blackman Park. And while they didn’t match them on the scoreboard, they more than made up for it in character.

We started off on a high, with the girls getting their team photos taken before the match. And joining us for their first ever junior AFL game this week was Sibella. And clearly Peter Beck and his highly skilled group of coordinators have trained her well, with the Auskick star easing into the youth girls competition with ease.

However, once on the field the girls learnt the hard lesson of having to deal with questionable umpiring decisions that weren’t going their way. With the umpires not paying a single tackling related free kick for the entire game, the girls were left battle the agressive tackling technique of their opponents on their own.

And in such a case, it wouldn’t be umreasonable to see such youngs girls roll over and except defeat. However, they refused to let the umpiring decisions weigh on them too  much.

Time and time again the girls picked themselves up off the grass and went straight back into another contest. And while they were frustrated that they either werent being rewarded for a good tackle, or not given a free kick for being brought to the ground or in the back, they battled on.

In the end, we were well beaten by a strong and skilful opponent. But I was so please with how they held their composure and never gave up. They win as a team, and lose as a team.

Well done girls!

Courage Award: Eliza
Play of the Day: Elizabeth
Spirit Award: Sibella

Daniel Hynes

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