AusKick Report – Round 2

Written by Jono Ladmore

16 April 2018

Well done on another great day of skills and games – the improvement in the children from last week to this week is very impressive!
For those who are still finding it difficult, there is no need to be concerned – AFL is a complex game and will make sense over the coming weeks.  Just get your child dropping a ball on their foot to work on hand-eye coordination over the coming weeks and that will help.
Enjoy this weeks round of photos – different shots across Auskick and Juniors will be uploaded during the week to our Facebook page.
I have done a roster for the BBQ so those whom have been allocated I will start circulating dates so you can get it in your calendar.  Thanks to those volunteers from today the extra hands were greatly appreciated!
Finally a reminder that you all have next week off and we’ll be back in action on 29th April – I have attached the calendar for everyone as a reminder.
Have a great break, enjoy the school holidays and keep practicing!!

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