Auskick week 2

Written by LaneCoveCats

28 April 2015


It was a bright and early start this week but we beat the rain and the kids were all in great form. By all accounts, the games went really well.

If you notice your child not getting a kick in the games, the umpires would appreciate you pointing this out. We want all the kids to get a kick and do our best to ensure this happens.

It was also great to see many getting down to the ground before the starting whistle and having a kick to kick with your kids.This is MOST important.


Rules of Auskick

The AFL has developed a particular set of rules for Auskick that allow young players to develop the right type of skills, while at the same time being fun.

As a reminder, we thought we would highlight some of these rules.

  1. No Tackle – Tag & release only.  The player with the footy is
    supposed to get rid of the ball within 3 seconds after being tagged. The younger the group of kids however, the more time we provide.
  2. No smothering of the ball
  3. No shepherding
  4. No kicking off the ground
  5. No diving on the ball
  6. Allow space and time for the player to kick or handball the ball
  7. Award free kicks for effort
  8. Ensure all players get a kick of the footy
  9. All other AFL rules apply.


The Song

We try and instil camaraderie at your Auskick games and singing the club song is an important part of this. However with many new players to the club, many didn’t know the words.

You can click here to read the words and listen to the Geelong Cats version (same tune, different words).

It would also be good if parents could learn the song and sing along as well. We need to stifle out Nick’s out of tune singing!


Footy Shorts

For those who haven’t been issued with shorts – see Nick Brumley next Sunday morning as we should have more delivered this week.

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