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22 March 2015

One of the key drivers of success in anything we do is self belief.  Link this with practise and you have both the skill and confidence to perform.

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That is why the Lane Cove Cats are encouraging our junior players to take time 5 days a week to practise 20 simple skill repetitions; 5 x 20 = 100, which is a neat number for kids to think about and get confidence from.

If, outside training and game days they have taken 100 marks, kicked 100 accurate kicks and made 100 accurate hand passes, not only will they have practised the skill, but have the confidence they have performed these skills “100 times a week” before game day.

Each of these skills can be practised alone or with a partner – and Mum’s, you are normally the best training partner


Practise short 5 – 10 metre kicks.  Accuracy is more important than distance.  If you don’t have a training partner, get out the wheelie bin and try to land the ball on the lid (or inside the bin)


Throw or kick the ball 5-10 meters from the player and about 1 metre above them.  If you don’t have a training partner then try throwing the ball up and clapping 2 – 5 times before catching the ball.


Get the player to hand pass to you at a distance of about 2-5 metres. If you don’t have a training partner, put the LCC HandpassTarget against a wall and try to hit the target with a hand pass. Start at 2 metres and move back gradually when you regularly hit the centre of the target.

You can link these skills together to combine kicking, marking and handpassing to shorten the time taken.  As your child gets more skilful – make the kicks, marks and handpasses harder, on the run etc.

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